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MDG-6 Forum, Moscow
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The International MDG-6 Forum, an initiative to mobilize all participants in a review of the situation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia regarding MDG6 (Millennium Development Goal: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases), to identify the main obstacles to progress towards meeting the development goal and make recommendations on how to reach the goal by 2015, based on sharing of experience and strengthened international cooperation. The Forum will be held at Moscow (Russian Federation) at October 10 - 12, 2011. Latvia will be presented at this Forum by Society AGIHAS.

Goals of the Forum

The International Forum is a high-level initiative, organised with the aim of:

•Mobilizing all participants to assess the situation in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in meeting the MDG-6, within the context of overall action towards all Millennium Development Goals;
•Identifying the main challenges and remaining gaps in meeting the MDG-6; and
•Developing a concrete Action Plan for reaching this development goal in Eastern European and Central Asian partner countries by 2015.
Objectives of the Forum

The International Forum will:

•Incorporate the lessons learnt from the experience of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other infectious diseases;
•Discuss the MDG-6 in the context of progress related to other MDGs, such as environmental sustainability, universal education, food security, social development and eradication of poverty;
•Discuss how the new architecture of development aid, including traditional and emerging donors, can strengthen success towards achieving the MDG-6 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia;
•Discuss mechanisms that can strengthen prevention of HIV and tuberculosis and improve access to affordable, safe and effective medicines and medical technology in support of achieving the MDG-6;
•Discuss political leadership and international cooperation, including specific mechanisms within Eastern Europe and Central Asia, that are necessary to achieve the MDG-6;
•Provide an opportunity to share experience and strengthen cooperation in the region.


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